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Bus Seat Assignment Policy

The Motorcoach Traveller has spoken ... No more seat rotation!

In 1995, Holiday Tours introduced Seat Assignment to bus tours! Included with your Final Documents will be a Boarding Pass indicating a specific seat number, which will be yours for the entire tour. Your personal belongings can remain in your seat, overhead, or underfoot. No one will try and take your seat, or ask you to rotate! Gone are the days of leaving home at 2 AM just to try and secure your favorite seat. Sleep a bit more, and arrive in time to board the coach without worry as to which seat will be yours.

When you make your reservations, you may make a seating request, i.e. “front,” “middle,” or “rear.” If you are travelling with a roommate and/or a group, your seats will be assigned based on the receipt of the last final payment. If sitting near other members of your group is not important, please mention this when you make your reservation. Otherwise, we will make every attempt to keep all members of your party together. Odd numbered groups, i.e. 1,3,5, may be seated across, or in front of each other, and/or matched with other odd numbered groups to avoid single seats scattered throughout the motorcoach.

We are unable to reserve sections of the bus for special needs such as motion sickness. If you have a special need, it is best to check with your doctor for advice. Also, you may wish to make your reservation and pay early to secure a seat which might alleviate the problem.

As Final Documents are being issued, all seating requests will be honored in the order final payment was received. All Seat Assignments will be made in a FAIR and IMPARTIAL manner. This is an exciting development in motorcoach travel.