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Swan Lake Iris Gardens & Sumter Iris Festival

Including Pearl Fryar Topiary

This morning we will head to the Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden. The garden contains over 300 individual plants and these living sculptures showcase Pearl’s astounding feats of artistry and horticulture. Pearl’s garden is internationally recognized, and visitors will experience a place that is beautiful, whimsical, educational and inspiring. Next we will enjoy the Sumter Iris Festival. The Sumter Iris Festival has consistently been ranked as one of the top festivals in the Southeastern United States. Every Memorial Day weekend, Japanese Iris blooms set the stage for a weekend of flowers, food and fun! The festival includes concerts, an arts and crafts show, a flower show, a quilt show, car shows, and a number of contests and children’s activities. The Japanese Iris bloom yearly in mid to late May and last until the beginning of June. Sumter’s Swan Lake-Iris Gardens -- the main staging area for the Iris Festival -- is home to all eight types of the world’s swans including swans from Asia, Australia, England and South America. This is the only public park in the United States to feature all eight swan species. The lake is also dotted with colorful islands, and wildlife is abundant. Returning home after a wonderful day at the Iris Festival & Gardens, arriving back approximately 8:30 PM.

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