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Salvage Dawgs & Hillbilly Hide-A-Way

Today we head to Roanoke, VA to Black Dog Salvage, where the popular DIY Network television show is based. Salvage Dawgs is a trip into a world of shrewd negotiations as Robert Kulp and Mike Whiteside — co-owners of one of the premier architectural salvage operations in the United States, Black Dog Salvage — bid on homes and buildings condemned to be demolished. Their goal is to secure the remarkable pieces of America’s past hidden inside these old structures before they are lost forever. These salvaged vintage pieces include everything from doors, windows, mantels and more. Once they are recovered, the guys sell these valuable pieces to a wide range of clients, from construction workers to high-end interior designers, who use them to restore other historical buildings and add character to newer structures. After our visit to Black Dog Salvage, we head to downtown Roanoke to the Historic Farmer’s Market, where there are lots of unique shops and galleries. Lunch will be on your own in the area. From nouvelle American to international cuisine, downtown Roanoke offers more than 60 diverse restaurants guaranteed to satisfy any appetite. On our return trip home we will stop at Hillbilly Hide-A-Way Restaurant, where good home cookin’ food is rolled out on the carts by the “nicest waitresses” that can be found. They are always friendly, courteous and anxious to serve you and bring you all you care to eat! After a good meal you can take a stroll across the parking lot to the Music Hall. In the Music Hall you can enjoy Gospel, Bluegrass, and Country Music – all at “no extra charge!” Arriving back approximately 8:30 PM. (D)