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301 Endless Yard Sale • Johnston County, NC


The 301 Endless Yard Sale runs along US Highway 301 from Weldon down to Dunn, in North Carolina, with over 500 vendors and 100 miles of yard sales. It originated in Johnston County and that is where we’ll go to visit a few of the yard sales. Patterned after the long established 127 World’s Longest Yard Sale and inspired by the HGTV television show “Flea Market Flip”, the communities along US 301 have joined together with deals, antiques, collectibles and more. Explore North Carolina’s country roads where families, antique dealers, and non-profits will line the roads with collectibles and rare may find your treasure along the US Hwy 301 Endless Yard Sale. Returning home after an exciting day of exploring, arriving back at approximately 9:00 PM