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Since purchasing our first bus in 1980, we have performed all day-to-day and routine maintenance, as well as maintenance for other bus companies, RV owners, entertainer coaches, and motorhomes.

Early on, we realized that Preventative Maintenance is a huge key to the success of a bus operator.  Each and every time a piece of equipment fails, we evaluate the situation to see if it could have been prevented.  When patterns are recognized, a Preventative Maintenance program is set up for the specific item and the program followed strictly.

We have more than 60 Preventative Maintenance programs established for our vehicles.  This expands wide ranges from standard oil changes, to air filter swapouts, to major system components being replaced at an age before we typically experience failures.  All of this is done to provide you the customer with the best experience possible while out on the road.

However, even the most exhaustive Preventative Maintenance program cannot prevent all failures.  We do our best to keep you on the road, but sometimes failures happen.  When it does, rest assured that our on-call staff immediately begins involving mechanics and roadside assistance to get you back moving as soon as possible.

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In 1996, we decided to separate our maintenance from our day-to-day bus operation, so we started Motorcoach Services.  Today, Motorcoach Services is the primary maintenance provider for all of Holiday's equipment as well as providing service and support to numerous other clients from other bus companies to entertainer coaches to RV and motorhome owners.  We will be glad to service your vehicle, feel free to give us a call and we'll schedule you for service.