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Pertinent information about your luggage tags

Luggage Tag Installation Video

This is our ALL NEW luggage tag! You will likely recognize this style of luggage tag if you have flown on an airplane recently. These tags are ultra durable and contain all of the important information necessary to identify your bag.

When you first receive the tag in the mail, inspect it closely. Make sure that your name, group name, and travel dates are all correct. Also, fill out the “Return To” information in the space provided.  On the left side, there is a detachable tab that you will pull off.

The tab contains your name. Next, flip the tag over and find the crease that separates the tag from the detachable tab. Fold the crease and pull the tab to remove it. The tab is yours to keep!

You should see a small paper flap where you just separated the tab from the tag. Pinch the flap and begin separating the paper to reveal the adhesive side. Keep pulling until you reach the triangular perforations. Then, give it one final tug to separate the paper completely.

Insert the other end of the tag through the handle of your luggage. Fold the sticky end of the tag over onto the black lines and press gently.

That’s it! Be sure to keep the separated tab some place safe like your wallet. We can’t wait to see you!

If you would like to download a copy of the Luggage Tag instructions with pictures, please click here.