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Compelling Reasons to Use a Charter Bus for Your Next Group Vacation

Have you ever thought about taking a group vacation with friends? Group vacations can be fun, interactive, potentially more memorable. You’ll have people around to share the memories and split the expenses with, and depending on the type of curated trip you select, you may have the opportunity to forge new connections.

One option to consider for your next (or first) group vacation is using a charter bus. Never thought of this before? Here are three compelling reasons for why you should consider using one.

It's Convenient

Using a charter bus means door to door service, not to mention it can potentially save you some money on transportation. In 2020, a road trip between New York and Los Angeles was estimated to be around $1150 per person in the conventional style, plus the planning required beforehand to determine routes, hotel stops, etc.

With a charter bus you won’t have to worry about any of that - routes will be predetermined, including overnight stops and sightseeing breaks. Plus you are often able to choose your desired level of luxury and service. 

No One Has to Drive

No one in your group, that is. That leaves you all free to watch a movie, sleep, enjoy the scenery, interact with one another, and participate in the adventure. That means you’ll have ample opportunity to enjoy yourself, socialize, and live it up while you’re en route!

And then there’s the obvious benefit of not having to worry about picking a designated driver. Driving even slightly impaired can have serious consequences, for yourself and others. For example, you can get a DUI with a low BAC in California if an officer believes your judgement is impaired enough that you aren't safe to drive.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

The United States produced over 4.5 million metric tons of CO2 emissions last year in 2020, and it will increase this year as folks are hitting the road again and getting back into their normal routines. Using a charter bus to vacation can not only reduce the car and air travel emissions you would contribute to otherwise, but it can also be a potential energy saver, since you’re combining your vacation with others.

So whether it’s because you’d rather sleep in a cushy seat while someone else is driving, or you like the option of having a drink while chatting with your fellow travelers, vacationing with a charter bus is a compelling option. Let someone else do the hard work while you relax!

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