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Should I Use a Ride-Share Service in New York?

Ride-share services like Uber and Lyft are becoming increasingly popular across the country and internationally. Even in famous taxi cities like New York, more people are using an app to hire a ride. It's easy to use these services; all you need to do is download the app, enter your credit card information and select your destination. When you're planning a trip to New York, you may wonder whether you should include ride-share apps in your travel plans.


In many places, hiring an Uber or Lyft can save a significant amount of money. In New York, things can be a little bit different. Uber, Lyft and typically metered cabs all use a combination of time and distance to price a ride. Some apps, like Uber, have surge pricing during busy times or popular events. Taxis, on the other hand, tend to cost the same at all times. However, it may be difficult to get a cab on the street at all after a major sports game, big concert or other events. Taxis cost more when traffic is flowing freely, but because they don't differentiate between stalled traffic and travel time, ride-share apps may actually cost more in heavy congestion.

There are also other options to save even more. The New York City subway system can take you all over town for one MetroCard swipe or several dollars. You can also pick up rental scooters, bikes and other recreational transportation options, although these may prove risky in crowded areas.

Driver Verification

Another common concern when it comes to ride-sharing is understanding whether your driver is a safe person. Some drivers of ride-share vehicles, as well as traditional taxis, have been accused of inappropriate, harassing or violent behavior. For your safety, make sure that you verify your driver's picture and information. When you get into your ride-share vehicle, also take note of the license plate. If you get into a taxi, you may want to take note of the license number. You can text a friend with these details to stay on the safe side. Some ride-sharing apps even automate the process, since they know that riders are often concerned for their safety.

Traffic Congestion

Traffic congestion doesn't just affect the cost of your ride-share. It may make you decide whether or not to opt for a car at all. New York City is highly walkable, so congestion may inspire you to get in a long walk around the city. Of course, New York also offers one of the world's great public transit systems, with miles of subways below ground and reaching out to the boroughs. If it's congested above ground, head underground for a faster trip.

There are a number of factors to keep in mind when planning your travel in New York. Whether you choose a yellow cab, ride-share service or public transit, there are plenty of options to get you to your destination.

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