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Top Dog Breeds for Frequent Travelers

For some people, traveling is not something they only do when they get an annual two-week vacation. For these people, traveling is a major part of their life and any dog they own will need to be able to adapt to their lifestyle. Fortunately, there are a number of dog breeds that are perfectly suited to owners who are frequent travelers.

Norwich Terrier

The traveler in search of a fun and outgoing travel companion needs to look no further than the Norwich Terrier. These are dogs who are equally comfortable with long walks, outdoor games, and quiet time in your lap. The small frame and easy temperament of the Norwich Terrier make this dog breed the perfect selection to join you on your many adventures. Norwich Terriers are great at performing tricks and will need a considerable amount of exercise. They do well in unfamiliar situations and are calm enough to spend a little time on their own. However, they will need you to show them the attention and affection they crave on a regular basis.


Corgis are an excellent pet selection for people who want an intelligent and active companion who will always keep them on their toes. Corgis are easy to train which makes them a great companion for someone who loves to travel. Corgis are small dogs with huge personalities. They can get bored easily and get into mischief if they are left on their own for too long. These dogs are highly alert and will often bark at anything that approaches. This trait can be useful to the traveler that includes camping or any time in a hotel with no other human.

Labrador Retrievers

This breed makes the ultimate family dog. Labrador Retrievers have outgoing personalities, are eager to please their owners, and play well with both people and other pets. It could be problematic to leave a Labrador Retriever in an airplane's cargo hold; however, they are perfect companions for long car trips. You can also count on them to be friendly with others whenever you take a moment at a rest stop. When traveling with your Labrador Retriever, try to keep a routine as close to the one you and your dog enjoy at home as possible. This will decrease any anxiety your dog may feel at being in unfamiliar places.


A Maltese will love to accompany you no matter where you are going. Because of this, they make great travel companions. This dog breed is charming and loves to spend time in the lap of its owner. They are well-behaved and will not act out toward passengers who sit next to you on flights. A full-grown Maltese weighs between four and six pounds. These dogs are gentle and affectionate and love to spend quality time with their human family members. They are lively dogs that will provide you with loads of entertainment while accompanying you on the road.


Chihuahuas are excellent companions for a long flight. Their diminutive size allows them to fit comfortably in your lap and they do not require a lot of exercise. These dogs are fast learners and respond well to training. This trait will help them to adapt easily to different environments as the two of you explore the world together. Chihuahuas like to be close to their owner and grow very attached to people they spend time with the most. These are very agile animals and perform tricks well. When you combine this trait with their desire to please their owner, it is not hard to imagine the entertainment they can provide during downtimes on the road.

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is similar in size to the Chihuahua. This dog breed also makes an excellent selection to accompany an owner on a long plane ride. The only exercise they truly need is jumping up and down on their seats every now and then. Yorkshire Terriers are endowed with great eyesight and an equally impressive sense of smell. It is highly unlikely a stranger can approach without them alerting you to their presence. This breed was bred to be a family dog but their bravery and loyalty to their owner cause them to be great for security purposes also.

Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dogs are an athletic dog breed that is always on the hunt for adventure. They also love to spend time with family. These dogs are medium-sized and enjoy swimming and spending time around beaches and lakes. The Portuguese Water Dog is eager to please and receives training well. Because of this, there is no problem teaching them to remain calm on long rides in a car. However, it’s important to make sure that you make frequent stops with your Portuguese Water Dog to give him some exercise so he doesn’t get too antsy and start chewing on things he’s not supposed to. 


Dachshunds are a friendly and inquisitive dog breed who appreciate nothing more than enjoying new experiences with their owners. They love to travel and are small enough they can accompany you on flights without having to go in the cargo hold of the plane. Their bodies are built low to the ground and they easily fit into pet crates and carriers. If you stay in a hotel with your dachshund, watch for signs the dog needs to go outside to potty. The unfamiliar environment might cause him or her not to use the alerts they would use at home. Also, do not leave your dachshund unattended in a hotel for too long. They can be quite mischievous when they get bored.

Many frequent travelers feel there is no better travel companion than their dog. If you are considering buying a dog to accompany you on trips, you should know that some dog breeds fare better on long trips than others. Frequent travelers cannot go wrong with the eight dog breeds profiled above.


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