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Here’s the 7 Best States for Beer Lovers

Sampling seasonal craft beers and visiting local breweries can be one of the best ways to see the country and meet like-minded people who enjoy trying new beers. There are new breweries popping up all over the country but when it comes to brewery tours and tastings, there are some states that are better than others. If you're planning a trip and hope to visit some of the local breweries, the following information can help you choose a location based on their status as a beer-friendly state.


The state of Idaho has breweries in many locations, with a large concentration in the cities of Boise and Victor. Many of the breweries in Idaho are known for their craft brews. According to Trip Advisor reviews, you can find flavorful novelties like jalapeno beer at select breweries. You can also get a sense of the culture of the northwest just by visiting some of the state's best breweries.


Montana has one of the highest breweries per capita, which is great news for the beer-loving traveler. The state's reputation for craft brews is based largely on the access to fresh water and locally grown barley, wheat, and Pacific Northwest hops. Brewers are able to take advantage of these fresh ingredients to create classic beers and new blends to please even the pickiest beer enthusiast's palate. The western part of the state has plenty of options when it comes to choosing an award-winning brewery. You can also find several great breweries if you're in southern or eastern Montana. 


The state of Colorado has a long history with beer. According to Denver Microbrew Tour, the Buckhorn Exchange was issued the state’s first liquor license in the 1890s. Since that time there have been many well-known brands of beer that have originated in the state. There are also plenty of craft breweries with unique beers to choose from. Many beer enthusiasts who visit Colorado like to take beer tasting tours through some of the areas with the highest concentration of breweries like Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs. 


When it comes to the hop growing industry, Washington state is near the top of the list. The climate is ideal for growing hops and other beer ingredients. Plus, with the concentration of locally owned craft breweries in Seattle and other areas, you can find some very unique options when it comes to flavor and beer-making techniques.


When visiting Oregon for a beer tasting experience, Portland is the place to be. According to The Bulletin, the city is home to a $2 billion per year beer scene, which includes lots of small local breweries. Most breweries include tours and tastings, with many of them being family-friendly. Some even offer tasting menus so you try local foods along with your craft beer selection. Check out the award-winning breweries in Oregon but don't forget to try some of the up-and-coming breweries.

New Hampshire

This New England state has one of the highest numbers of breweries per capita. Don't let the small size of New Hampshire fool you. Breweries are found throughout the state which gives you the opportunity to visit several in a short time period. If you want to plan a brewery tour, you can check out the map at to help you plan your trip so you get the most out of the time you have. New Hampshire breweries are able to take advantage of the New England culture to deliver outstanding selections that use time-honored brewing techniques and local ingredients. 


While Vermont may also be small in size, it has a high number of breweries per capita as well as a high level of beer consumption per capita. If you plan on visiting Vermont to experience the local beer culture, you may want to take advantage of the beer trails. These trails can provide you with an itinerary to help you see as many breweries as time will allow. This gives you the chance to sample beer selections from some well-established locations as well as those which are new to the state.

Touring breweries in one of these beer-loving states can give you the chance to try new craft brews with innovative flavors. Each of the states listed can provide you with a unique opportunity to meet beer craftsman who take great pride in their trade. Visiting a brewery isn't simply about sampling the beer. It's about the overall experience. A great brewery will have an inviting atmosphere where you feel welcomed. Many of these breweries are family-friendly. Some breweries have pet-friendly areas where you can hang out with your dog. Some also hold special events throughout the year. The next time you're in one of these states, be sure to drop by one of the local breweries for drinks.

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