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Top 4 Reasons to Stop by Alabama on This Year's Roadtrip

As one of the most prolific Southern gems, Alabama has something to offer every personal taste and preference. A diverse culture partnered with majestic scenery makes Alabama a top spot on any quintessential vacation. Here are four of the top reasons why you should put Alabama on your road trip itinerary.

Educational Opportunities

Because Alabama boasts a rich history central to the development of the United States as a nation, it only makes sense that the state also features many attractions designed to educate and to inform. Alabama's place in history as a key player in the Civil Rights movement is exemplified in a variety of must-see historical sights. For example, Planetware suggests that you not miss the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, the Civil Rights Institute, and Selma's Voting Rights Museum.

Great Beaches

You usually don't think about Alabama when you think of world-class beaches. However, the Alabama coastline features miles of pristine beach. According to ECBYO, Orange Beach is one of the most popular locations in Alabama thanks to the numerous white sand beaches in the area. A wide array of affordable lodging options in Orange and nearby Gulf Shores make spending time on the Alabama coast a no-brainer. A variety of nature trails link the beach areas and give you the chance to connect with Mother Nature.

Southern Cuisine

The down-home cooking of Alabama will draw you in with its mouth-watering aromas. From fried okra to hushpuppies to collard greens to creamy macaroni and cheese, nothing beats the comfort that comes with Southern cooking. An abundance of fresh seafood options is available for those who want something a little lighter. Nothing beats a platter of plump Gulf shrimp served up with a side of grits.

Welcoming Hospitality and Charm

Alabama is an ideal place to revel in the famous charm and hospitality of the South. The welcoming people of Alabama invite you to stay awhile and to enjoy all that their beautiful state has to offer its visitors. Located in the heart of the South, residents of Alabama delight in a slower pace of life. It will be difficult to continue with your vacation once you experience this way of living and the people who make it special.

A rich cultural experience complemented by immense natural beauty and a welcoming atmosphere makes spending time in Alabama a must on any vacation. You will be glad that you decided to stay awhile.

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