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Doing Business on the Move? Here's What You Need To Know

Bringing your employees to a new location for a workshop, seminar or other corporate purpose is a good idea. It can encourage creativity in employees, and you may find that some of your team members are more comfortable in this new environment. As you're planning this trip, keep a few points in mind for optimal success.

Arrange for Transportation

While you could ask employees to drive to a local location or to take the train in a metro area, travel arrangements aren't always that simple. Also, some of your employees might not have cars, and others may have anxieties about taking the train. Arranging for transportation can combat these issues. For example, you may want to hire a coach bus to bring everyone to the location. In the event that employees are asked to get themselves to the location, you should offer coverage for their expenses.

Procure a Venue

Finding the right venue is important because you want to ensure that it is a clean and updated space available for as many hours as you need. Selecting a space that is fully equipped with the most up-to-date technologies and professional equipment can help you to bolster your presentations and workshops. While you may need to bring some tools along with you, plenty of such spaces for businesses come equipped with necessary technologies.

Order Food

Asking employees to bring their own food along for the trip is inappropriate and inconsiderate. When you're asking your team members to attend workshops, conferences, retreats and the like, you should provide the food. Working with a catering company is a good idea, especially for a larger group. Make sure to take note of any allergies or dietary restrictions that your employees might have. Also, work to select foods that are appealing to large groups of people.

Find Hotels

If your team is traveling a long distance, then you should look into booking hotel accommodations. At a number of hotels, you can receive a discounted rate if you are booking multiple rooms. You might think that it's fine for everyone to head back home after a long day of learning, but consider how important it is to rejuvenate before travel. In fact, employees may embrace the opportunity to socialize with their colleagues in the evening and enjoy a nice breakfast before heading home.

Going to a new spot for some business happenings can invigorate your employees. To make the trip the best it can be, don't forget to consider these elements.


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