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How to Plan a Scenic Bus Tour in North America

So, you want to go on a bus tour? We can’t blame you. They’re a safe and affordable way to get out and see the world. We just want to make sure you’re planning and considering for the factors that are most important in travel.

First and foremost, itineraries are going to be very important to look at, as some visit more places than others, while some have some more unique destinations. Think very hard about which sites you care about seeing, and how long you wish to spend at any of them.

Secondly, think about how you’re paying. Some of these tours can be quite expensive, though the range typically tends to be from the mid-fifties to the two-thousands. You have a lot of options. Which is great and all, but which options comes the need to plan even better than before to be sure that you get the best deal for what you want.

Last of all, consider the intent of the tour. Is it family-friendly? Or is it more catered to an audience of single people looking to make new friends? Think about what you want, and hopefully you can get a tour that will put you in with like-minded people, or at least have the resources you need from them (like kid games and activities).

Where to Go

When contemplating bus tours that provide eye-catching natural sights and some of the best views of North America, the state of Utah offers majestic sights and the opportunity to bond with nature. The Wasatch National Forest, which includes the Wasatch mountains, is a sight of nature's beauty to behold. Making one's way up the Big Cottonwood Canyon by bus provides some of the best opportunities to sightsee in the Beehive State.

If not, consider visiting the Grand Canyon for an iconic, American view. You really can’t go wrong with this one, and the chances are there are plenty of options to choose from with this locations as its very popular. Other iconic spots include Niagra Falls and Cape Cod.

But if you’re less inclined to what nature offers us, you can always go to big cities and explore culture. Our favorites include New York, Atlanta, Savannah, and Washington D.C.. You can go shopping, visit important landmarks, visit the beach, go to haunted locations (Savannah specifically!) You’re bound to enjoy the multitude of activities these cities have to offer.

So, bus tours are versatile, usually affordable, and allow you to travel in groups that could become future friends. They are a unique traveling experience that will certainly cross items off of your bucket list, visit iconic places, and enjoy the versatility that there is in North America. If you’re native to America, it’s going to be a great way to get to know your country (and perhaps your neighboring countries as well), and even if you’re not, you’re bound to enjoy the education experience of a bus tour in the United States.

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