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5 Alternate Accommodation Ideas For Your Next Bus Tour

Traveling is one of the most popular activities. Finding suitable accommodation can be a problematic aspect of travel, however. This is especially true when on the road. Here are five alternate accommodation ideas for your next bus tour.

KOA - Kampgrounds of America

Kampgrounds of America, KOA, is the most extensive system of campgrounds in the world. With over 500 locations throughout the United States and Canada, they are readily available for use. These campgrounds offer a great alternative for accommodation when on a bus tour. With destinations spread out across the country, it is easy to rely on KOA for a place to stay. This option is also a great way to save some money when on the road.


Airbnb rentals have become increasingly popular within the past few years. However, this website doesn't have to used exclusively for expensive vacations. The listings on Airbnb are great for any type of rental, including time for checking in during a bus tour. Perhaps the best thing about Airbnb is the quality offered at a competitive price, you can find some great rooms, apartments, and houses at great prices. The apartments available through Airbnb are usually very homey and affordable, making them excellent options during a road trip.

Vacation Rentals

When you want to stay at a bigger place, such as an apartment or a house, you probably want a vacation rental. This type of housing is perhaps safer than the Airbnb house you might’ve wanted to rented out. It’s a professional maintained rental and will have plenty of anmenties and a set of quality and safety standards. It your bus tour is with your workplace, consider looking a corporate housing as well.

Affordable Motels

Staying in a hotel isn't the only popular option when out on the road. There are some very affordable motels available as well. These motels are usually a bit lower quality than higher scale hotels. However, they offer all of the comforts and commodities that are needed when on a bus tour. After all, a place to sleep and relax is all that's required when on a road trip.

Backcountry Camping

Depending on where you drive on the bus tour, you may find yourself in the middle of nowhere at times. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of backcountry camping. This style of camping refers to being far distances from any city. The best feature of this style of accommodation is that it is completely free if you have plenty of supplies. With advances in solar power, you can enjoy the outdoors with comforts from home. Solar generators and batteries make it possible to power LED lights, charge devices, and more. 

Taking a bus tour can be a very exciting activity. However, finding affordable and reliable accommodation on the road can be difficult at times. These five alternate accommodation ideas will help you generate some ideas during your next road trip.


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