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Staying Safe: Dangers On The Road

Whether you are getting ready to go on vacation, take a big tour with a group or just run errands around town, you should be aware of some of the dangers lurking out on the road. Keep the following in mind to help yourself, and all your passengers stay safe.

Distracted and Drowsy Drivers

So many drivers are not paying enough attention these days. They are distracted for all sorts of reasons. For example, they are using electronic devices like phones and tablets when they are behind the wheel. Or they are smoking, eating, changing the radio dial or talking to other passengers. Additionally, your driver may be too tired to drive as well, and that can similarly cause issues and dangerous situations.

Drivers Affected by Substances

It is well known that driving after drinking alcohol or using specific prescription and street drugs is a horrible idea. But many people refuse to pay attention to wisdom, and they wind up driving while intoxicated. But what are the dangers of driving under the influence? Well, aside from the high risk of physical injury you're putting yourself and others in, you also risk putting yourself at significant legal risk. Criminal defense lawyers can help if you are caught driving while intoxicated, but it’s just not worth it in the end. Find a ride, or call a cab, but learn to recognize that if you’re going to be taking substances or drinking, that you’re going to have to make plans on how to get to and from your destination.

Weather Hazards

When the weather is sunny, traveling can be more straightforward. But when rain, hail, ice, and snow enter the picture, danger levels can increase. Best tip is to practice cautious driving, to slow down and stay alert when driving during inclement weather. Even better, if possible avoid traveling by road when the weather is not clear. Wait to drive until sunny skies, and dry road conditions return.

Wildlife Near Roads

Wild animals like deer, rabbits, and squirrels can be surprisingly close to roads and can even dart out suddenly and quickly into the path of vehicles. Stay alert when you are in areas that tend to be havens for wildlife. And if you do find that there is an animal on the road, it’s recommended that you hit the animal instead of risking the lives of others around you.

Transportation Construction

It seems like road construction is an ongoing issue in many towns and cities, especially during the spring and summer. Construction causes traffic to slow down and tends to create altered traffic flows, and these issues can introduce safety challenges.

It's true that there are some dangers on the road. But if you take precautions and drive defensively, you will increase your chances of arriving at your destination safely and calmly.

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