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When I retired from Teaching school and Coaching, four year ago, I was in need of a part-time job!  Because I had driven School Activity Buses, driven farm trucks and delivered furniture, driving a Motorcoach seemed like a logical choice!  I have always loved to drive, travel and see new places and I consider myself a "People Person" who loves to meet and talk to new people!  So I decided to visit Holiday Tours which is a family company that began and grew in my hometown of Randleman, NC.  The Safety Director, at the time, took me right into his office.  He was very welcoming and informative!  Soon, I was enrolled in Holiday Tour's Driver class, which is required of all new Drivers.

The Driving Class was both informative and fun!  The most important part of the class, for me, was the immediate feeling of teamwork and camaraderie with my fellow students!  As we learned, studied together, practiced driving skills and even plan and drove a trip together, we became teammates working toward a common goal.  This has been a theme of my entire life as a student, ballplayer, Boy Scout, teacher and a Coach.  My Holiday classmates quickly bonded both as teammates and friends! As we progressed from classmates to employed Motorcoach Drivers, it soon became apparent to me that this feeling of camaraderie and teamwork was entrenched among the Drivers as they preform their jobs!  After four years, I can say my decision to join Holiday Tours was a great choice for me!!

With Holiday Tours, I not only am able to do something I love, Drive, but I am able to see some very cool places, meet and talk to very interesting people and I have made many new friends among the Drivers and Staff!  I am part of a first class team that works very hard to produce a get experience for our customers.  

If you are considering a trip on a Motorcoach, I hope you will ride with me or one of my "Teammates" very soon!  If you are considering Driving a Motorcoach, I hope you'll consider joining our "Team", which I know is one of the best in the business!

Please visit our webpage again soon and read future Blogs.  I will write stories about my driving experience that I hope will be interesting and entertaining!  Safe travels until we meet down the road!

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