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New and Improved Website

We've been hard at work over the past few months to update our website. Today, we are proud to release the product we have been working on. What you will find is a more modern, mobile-ready website. Now, no matter what device you are using you can easily access Holiday's sites.

Have a group that wants to travel? Check out our Charter section for information on how you can charter the bus for your group! It's easy and cost effective to get everyone their together.

Don't have a group? Check out some of our Retail Tours. This is what got Holiday into the bus business, Nancy & Dwight would setup tours and then call customers to see if they wanted to go to one of the destinations they had chosen. Each year, we try to choose a wide variety of destinations to make up our retail tours. Whether you want to see the mountains, go see a play, or cruise the Caribbean, we have a tour for you.

Still not seeing something for you? Contact our Travel Agency, where we can setup an individual tour doing exactly what you want to do.

Did we mention our Fleet Services? Not only do we maintain our own fleet, but we provide service to numerous other motorcoach and RV owners.

We hope you enjoy our new website.

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